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On-Demand Map download

The Digital Map Shop (DMS) is the in-app portal to 1000's of maps for Australia, New Zealand and many other parts of the world including: USA, Canada, Europe and more...

On-Demand Map Download from the DMS is designed to work on a limited internet connection and minimise the size of download to only what's necessary - or to what you specify by the area framed on screen. This is most applicable to the mobile apps. The PC app offers more provision to download larger map sections. Maps can be downloaded to the PC and copied to a Mobile app as a whole or in part as required.

iPhone and iPad users, please note: This service is no longer available in the iPhone/iPad apps (not allowed by Apple). Users of the iOS devices may copy maps from the free PC app, which does access this service, or copy the packaged maps (so don't need to use the PC app i.e Mac users) to the device via iTunes. 


Desktop PCHow it works:

Access to the Digital Map Shop (DMS) is provided through
Memory-Map Software on either a PC or internet connected Mobile Device i.e Android device.

Maps or sections of maps are downloaded from the DMS server over the internet. Once downloaded and activated, you no longer need to maintain the internet connection to use the maps.

Some maps are free and some need to be paid for but you can get a free 10 day demo period on most maps to see if it is the map you want to buy and keep.

You can download any part of the map whenever you like, as often as you like. So you don't have to worry about getting it all straight away or accidently deleting the file, you can simply download it again at no additional cost.

Large maps, like topo maps, are downloaded in sections. It's always a good idea to get a basemap so you can pan around. Then download sections of the more detailed maps as you need them. These sections accumulate like pieces of a jigsaw to build up the full map image.

Once a section is downloaded, it stays downloaded for use off-line, until you delete it.

You can download the whole map (may take some time) or just a small section that you require now. It's controlled by how much area you have framed on screen when you request to download more of the map.


Getting started

First download Memory-Map to your PC or Android Device from the software download page. If you already have Memory-Map on your PC, make sure you have the latest version; from the drop down menu, select; Web > Check for Updates.

Selecting a map to download

On the PC app - Select; Map > Digital Map Shop > Online Maps or use the DMS button on the tool bar. 

For a mobile app -  Select; Maps > More Maps > Digital Map Shop

Important - It's best to download the smaller scale maps first. i.e. basemaps and sections of the 250k scale map (which are all free) before you select to download the more detailed Topo maps. This enables you to pan and zoom to the area of interest before downloading sections of the detailed maps.

There are thousands of maps on the DMS server, too many to choose from so you are only presented with a list of maps for the area framed on screen. Zoom in to a smaller area to narrow the selection or move to another region to see another selection of maps.

Before you download a map you need to understand that you’re only downloading the section of the map that is framed in the window on screen. If you want the whole state at 1:25000 scale then, on the PC, you need to frame the whole state on screen using one of the free basemaps. Then select the map you want to download from the DMS listing. It may be as much as 2GB of high resolution map, so it's going to take some time.  

For a test or a quick view of a map that you might be interested in, we recommend you scale and zoom in on a base map so that only a relatively small geographical area is framed in the window. Try resizing the application window to frame an even smaller area rather than using the whole screen size. This reduce the size of the area will download a lot faster.

Another way ( on the PC app) is to use the route tool and enclose an area on a basemap or topo250, making sure that the last waypoint is dropped onto the first. Then, open/download a small section of the map you want, right click on the route and select to download the enclosed area.

The first time you select a restricted map from the DMS list, you'll be prompted to activate it. Click Activate, and sign in to your existing user account or new users should create a personal user account. (requiring only your name and a valid email address) You will then be presented with three options:

  1. Enter a serial number - usually provided within a retail DVD product.
  2. Buy now - Buy the rights to access and use the map.
  3. Activate Demo - Most maps provide a free time limited demo period.

Successful completion of either of these will give you access not only to the section of map that you just downloaded but any other section of the same map or maps under the same resource heading.


Finishing touches

To get the full potential out of the Memory-Map PC app and your downloaded maps you will want the data components that enable the 3D World and Place Name Index files relating to the downloaded maps. You can find these components on the software download page.