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A comprehensive charting package tailored for leisure marine use.



All Memory-Map services have been suspended indefinitely.

Due to contractual difficulties. All services have been withdrawn for both Memory-Map and Hema apps. 

       QuickChart Aus

Quickcharts Australia Ed5

QuickCharts Australia includes over 750 charts sourced from 4 national and local marine authorities. Combined with the award winning Memory-Map software this package delivers a comprehensive navigation system at outstanding value.

mapping software

You can load the maps to 5 Devices that you own. PC - Mac - iOS - Android
Memory-Map software is FREE so no additional software purchase is necessary. 

iPad navigation on yacht

Experience the flexibility and power of a PC, Phone and Tablet navigation solution. 

Plan from your Home/Office PC or Mac, print off useful pilotage charts and sync your passage plan (routes and waypoints) with your other devices.

With perhaps a Laptop at the chart table, a Tablet in the wheelhouse and a Phone in your bunk, you have a comprehensive navigation solution. With all devices sharing the same charts and planning data.


AIS and marine instrumentation included

Full AIS functionality is built-in to the Memory-Map apps for iOS, Android and Mac.

Display NEMA data from your marine instruments in the app.

The app can connect to an external GPS or NMEA data stream using WiFi. Many marine devices support broadcast of NMEA data via Wifi.

Learn more on the AIS feature here.

Synch view with SST Chart

RAN Hydrographic Charts

These are precise digital copies of the familiar Admiralty paper charts published by the Australian Hydrographic Service.

The AHS has been publishing paper nautical charts since 1942. They are relied upon and trusted by Australian and international commercial vessels, recreational vessels and the Royal Australian Navy

This set includes over 570 charts covering Australian coastal waters including off lying reefs and islands.


Western Australian DoT Charts

These are the nautical charts of Western Australian waters developed by the Department of Transport.

Chart scales range from 1:25,000 to 1:50,000 with individual insets augmenting the AHS charts with detail of local harbours and inland waterways.


QLD Beacon to Beacon Charts

Maritime Safety Queensland’s Beacon to Beacon Guides provide navigation maps for selected waterways from the southern Gold Coast to Keppel Bay and Rockhampton.


Great Barrier Reef Marine Park zoning maps

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park zoning maps are tools to help you navigate around the the zones and avoid the fines in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks.


Please Note

This complete map set is over 1GB.

Please watch the Tutorial Movie on the subject.

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For most things you buy online, you pay for the goods before you get them. We prefer to do it the other way round.

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With the Memory-Map app open on your device, select Map > Digital Map Store and look for this map package title. Select to download. 

On first use, you will be prompted to sign into or create your Memory-Map user account. When done you will be offered a free demo period so you can make sure these are the maps you want to buy and keep. 

3 - Buy the Map

You can buy either from the above price discovery link or from within the PC, Mac or Android apps. Apple iOS users take note that in-app purchases via apple while convenient, have certain restrictions. 


In-app purchases on an Apple device from the AppStore restricts the platform choice to iOS only - no later migration to other platforms is posable and we cannot offer you any discounted upgrades or updates.

When you replace or upgrade your hardware, you may migrate licenses from your old to new device at any time.


Tutorial Movie 

Watch this Tutorial Video for greater understanding of how to manage and download maps.


WARNING: No National Hydrographic Office (HO) or State Authority has verified the information in this product and none accept liability for the accuracy of reproduction or any modifications made thereafter. No National Hydrographic Office warrants that this product satisfies national or international regulations regarding the use of appropriate products for navigation.

WARNING: The electronic chart is an aid to navigation designed to facilitate the use of authorized government charts, not to replace them. Only official government charts and notices to mariners contain all information needed for the safety of navigation and, as always, the captain is responsible for their proper use.