QuickCharts Aus


QuickCharts Australia

A set of comprehensive charting packages tailored for leisure marine use.

  • QuickCharts Australia
  • QuickChart Aus

    Suitable for offshore and coastal navigation

    Available as three regional DVDs or download packages, each combining charts from national and state sources to make a comprehensive navigation system at outstanding value.

    These charts run on the Memory-Map PC, Android and iPhone/iPad software applications.

    You can load the maps to two PC's and two Mobile Devices that you own. All Memory-Map software is FREE so no additional software purchase is necessary. See here for full details raster chart Navigation software
    see the Download option below
  • Choice of 3 regional packs

    Each pack contains is a single DVD:

    Quickcharts Australia Coverage

    M15 West Coast
    Covering the coastal regions of WA, SA, and NT.

    M16 East Coast
    Covering the coastal regions of QLD, NSW, VIC & TAS.

    M17 Australia Set
    Covering the coastal regions of Australia

    Click on the above titles for full listing of charts included in each pack.

  • Aus Navy Charts WA RDL Charts
  • QLD MSQ Charts GBRMPA Charts

Sold by region, each Quickcharts DVD or download package includes a folio of charts suitable for offshore and coastal navigation with offshore islands and reefs charted in appropriate detail. Each Quickchart DVD also includes the powerful GPS navigation software Memory-Map Navigator so no additional software purchase is required. Quickcharts are compatible only with Memory-Map software on a PC or compatible mobile device.

All regions include all the official Admirality/Navy charts for the region. The Eastern Australia pack also includes the Queensland MSQ charts and the Great Barrier Reef Zoning charts. The Western Australian Pack also includes the WA RDL (formally Dpi) charts.


Up-to-date charts: The chart folios are updated each year with all corrections applied since the previous edition. 

Updating your charts: 50% of DVD cost update exchanges are available for existing users up to 5 years from purchase. 

Current Edition Guarantee: Memory-Map assures that you purchase a current edition product and will replace or provide updates free of charge if necessary (proof of purchase may be required).



Planning to use this on a laptop or netbook? Then you'll quite likely need a USB GPS - see here

Looking for AIS or Autopilot control? see the Pro upgrade for a solution.

Sports fishermen wishing to use Sea Surface Temperature (SST) charts in conjunction with QuickCharts will require the Import Maps upgrade.

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    QuickCharts in use


Download Australian Digital Marine Charts

download NZ Topo Maps icon

All the same charts as detailed in the DVD pack above are available for download direct to your PC or Mobile Device.

What's the real difference? - It comes down to the hassle factor. The download option offers some savings but requires some time, effort and a little knowhow on your part. Whereas the DVD has all the components built in and is ready to use within minutes of placing the disk in the drive.

See the Digital Map shop pages to learn more about downloading maps.

Pricing options for these chart sets from the Digital Map Shop

M15 QuickCharts Aus West for use on 2 x Mobile Device only US $49.99

for use on 2 x PCs and 2 x Mobile Devices US $149.99

for use on 2 x PCs only US $99.99
M16 QuickCharts Aus East for use on 2 x Mobile Device only US $49.99

for use on 2 x PCs and 2 x Mobile Devices US $149.99

for use on 2 x PCs only US $99.99
M17 QuickCharts Australia for use on 2 x Mobile Device only US $99.99
  for use on 2 x PCs and 2 x Mobile Devices US $199.99
  for use on 2 x PCs only US $129.99

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WARNING: No National Hydrographic Office (HO) or State Authority has verified the information in this product and none accept liability for the accuracy of reproduction or any modifications made thereafter. No National Hydrographic Office warrants that this product satisfies national or international regulations regarding the use of appropriate products for navigation.

WARNING: The electronic chart is an aid to navigation designed to facilitate the use of authorized government charts, not to replace them. Only official government charts and notices to mariners contain all information needed for the safety of navigation and, as always, the captain is responsible for their proper use.