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QuickCharts New Zealand

A comprehensive charting package tailored for leisure marine use.

  • QuickCharts New Zealand
  • NZ marine ChartsDigital marine charts suitable for offshore and coastal navigation

    This marine navigation package includes digital captures of almost the entire catalogue of NZ Navy charts for mainland New Zealand and the south west Pacific Islands.

    These charts run on the Memory-Map PC, Android and iPhone/iPad apps.

    You can load the maps to two PC's and two Mobile Devices that you own. All Memory-Map software is FREE so no additional software purchase is necessary. See here for full details raster chart Navigation software
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  • US $34.99
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    Included on this Single DVD:

    • Memory Map Navigator
      GPS Mapping Software
    • All the NZ Navy (LINZ) charts
      covering mainland New Zealand and offshore island together with a selection of charts covering the SW Pacific.
    • Digital Terrain Model
      For the mainland, making detailed 3D models
    • Index of mainland places and coastal features
    • Up-to-date charts,
      published annually with on-going annual updates available.

    • As used by Coastguard 
      Air Patrols in New Zealand.

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Coverage Detail

Over 290 charts and chartlets are included covering mainland New Zealand and offshore islands. i.e; Auckland, Campbell, Chatham and Three Kings Island groups.

Good coverage of the illustrated section of SW Pacific Islands is included but charts of unknown datum, that may be grossly inaccurate when used in GPS systems, have been omitted.

Also, charts of Antarctica have been omitted

Click here for the full list

NZ Charts coverage area

Up-to-date charts: The chart folios are updated each year with all corrections applied since the previous edition.

Current Edition Guarantee: Memory-Map assures that you purchase a current edition product and will replace or provide updates free of charge if necessary (proof of purchase may be required).



Looking for AIS or Autopilot control? see the Pro upgrade for options


Download NZ Marine Charts

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All the same Charts as detailed in the DVD pack above are available for download direct to your PC or Mobile Device.

What's the real difference? - It comes down to the hassle factor. The download option offers some savings but requires some time, effort and a little knowhow on your part. Whereas the DVD has all the components built in and is ready to use within minutes of placing the disk in the drive. I guess it depends how you value your time.

See the Digital Map shop pages to learn more about downloading maps.

Pricing options for this chart set from the Digital Map Shop

QuickCharts NZ for use on 2 x Mobile Device only US $34.99
QuickCharts NZ for use on 2 x PCs and 2 x Mobile Devices US $64.99

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Regulatory statement:

Data sourced from Land Information New Zealand. Crown Copyright reserved. This Product does not comply with Maritime Rule 25 and therefore should not be used for navigation by commercially operated vessels.
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