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ExplorOz EOTopo

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A uniquely detailed topographic map of Australia


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EOTopo 200K map

Anyone familiar with ExplorOz will know that for nearly 15 years they have been a key instrument in the growing Australia 4WD community. ExplorOz operates as a hub, disseminating sound travel advice and valuable information on many of Australia’s best destinations amongst its many subscribers.

The ExplorOz data base has amassed an unrivalled depth of accumulated knowledge which is regularly tested and updated by 1000’s of ordinary 4WD adventurers, going out and travelling the tracks, camping at the sites and discovering new and interesting places to visit every year.

While looking for new ways to make this knowledge accessible to more travellers and adventurers, ExplorOz produced a map. The starting point in its development was to first make the best and most accurate map covering all of Australia, then to integrate as much of their accumulated knowledge as possible.

This map, at 1:200,000 scale and at high resolution, boasts a searchable index of over 80,000 POI’s providing verified locations of Tracks, Campsites, Pubs and Roadhouses, Fuel stops, Heritage sites, Parks, Forests and heaps more.

In addition, GPS recorded and verified “Trek Routes” are marked in purple on the map. These are travel logs from real people travelling real routes. Driving notes and trip planning facts to complement these Treks are available from the ExplorOz website.

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EOTopo 200K map

EOTopo 200K Map


EOTopo 200K map

EOTopo 200K Map



Because all this information continually evolves and updates, ExplorOz have committed to a process of iteration with a planned updated release every year. Existing users will be able to purchase updates for a nominal fee (less than 50% of RRP)

Please note: While this map is one of the best ALL of Australia Topo maps, it does not and cannot include ALL 4WD tacks in Australia. For more detailed maps, near populated and land managed regions, please check out the other state Topo maps in the series.


How to Buy

For most things in life you pay for the goods before you get them. We prefer to do it the other way round.

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There are two ways to buy; in-app or out-app.

In-app - Simply download and install the app and maps to your device as explained below. You will be prompted to create an account or sign in to your existing Memory-Map user account.

You will be offered a free demo period so you can make sure these are the maps you want to buy and keep. When the demo period runs out, you will be prompted to buy and presented with the purchase options. Or you can select "Map Licenses" in the app settings and buy the licence at any time. An internet connection is required to complete the transaction. 

Out-app - Simply follow the links below. Purchases made here credit your Memory-Map user account with Activation rights for your selected map packages. 

Notes - What you are buying is a licence to use the map package on the chosen platform(s). When you replace or upgrade your hardware, you may migrate licenses from old to new at any time.

In-app purchases on an Apple device restricts the platform choice to iOS only but allows you up to 5 activations.


Please Note

This complete map set is several GB

This is not delivered to you in one go. You will need to select the areas you want to download.

Please watch the Tutorial Movie on the subject.

How to download and install EOTopo

View this web page on the device you want to install the maps on.

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3 - Watch this Tutorial Video for greater understanding of how to manage and download maps.