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The full HEMA 4WD Map Collection for Australia

  • Australia 4 wheel drive and touring maps
    DVD no longer

  • Hema Maps are well known for their extensive range of outback maps dedicated to 4WD adventure. Hema have fielded checked and recorded over 200,000km of outback roads and tracks, making these the most accurate outback maps available. They also include essential travel notes, features and places of interest that you may like to explore.

    This set of over 92 Hema maps, Including the Great Desert Track series, have been collated into 4 regions and made available for download.

    iPhone/iPad appTogether with the appropriate Free Memory-Map software application (App), these maps are ready for use on a PC or Mobile Device.

  • Hema Maps Regions

      The Hema map set is grouped into four regions:
      Region 1 - Eastern Australia
      Region 2 - Western Australia
      Region 3 - Northern Australia
      Region 4 - Great Desert Tracks 

  • Australia base maps
  • click to view a sample of Hema maps 
  • Pricing of Hema Maps from the Digital Map Shop

    Each single region for use on 2 x PCs and 2 x Mobile Devices US $62.99
    Full Set (all 4 regions) for use on 2 x Mobile Device only US $109.99
    Full Set (all 4 regions) for use on 2 x PCs and 2 x Mobile Devices US $99.99
    Full Set (all 4 regions) for use on 2 x PCs only US $99.99

    Hema Key Map


    About Downloading Hema Maps

    There are two ways to download the Hema maps:

    First download either the PC software from here or the iPhone/iPad from the AppStore or the Android app from the Google Play store - just search for "Memory-Map". Then you are ready to get some maps.

    For Windows PC and iPhone/iPad (and Android):

    Follow these instructions on using Packaged map downloads click here 
    This is downloading a zipped file and then copying out the map files to the device. 

    For all Android Devices:

    4WD Aus app logo
    Search the Google Play store for the free "4WD Australia map-pac" app.

    This free app simply delivers all the latest Hema maps to your Android device ready for use in the Memory-Map App. (the app is free, not the Hema maps)

    About purchasing Hema Maps

    Both the Memory-Map Software and the Hema Maps are free to download and use/tryout for 10 days. (1 day on iOS devices)

    Then, when you come to purchase the Hema maps, you'll have a choice of buying a licence to use the maps on 2 Mobile Devices or 2 PCs or 2 of each/both (that you own). This is the decision point. It doesn't matter that you haven't loaded the maps to a PC or mobile device yet, if you chose the 2 + 2 option, it means that you will have the activation rights available and ready for a later time.

    The actual purchase can be made through the PC app and/or the Android app but Apple make it not so easy to purchase from anyone other than themselves. 

    Therefore here is a short cut to Hema maps in the Memory-Map store - click here


    Other useful info:

    Perhaps you've already got the Hema maps on your PC with Ozi Explorer - no problem. In theory you can convert the maps you already have for use in Memory-Map (see here) but in practice simply using the free app and downloading/buying the Hema maps with a Mobile Only licence is a more cost and time effective way of getting the Hema maps on your iPad. Both Memory-Map and Ozi Explorer use the GPX Overlay format so you can easily share route, track and waypoint data between Memory-Map on the Mobile Device and Ozi on the PC.

    BTW, if (when) you change your PC or Mobile Device, you can migrate the licences from the old to the new and simply reload/download the maps again. See the Help Files or Knowladge Base for info.