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The full HEMA 4WD Map Collection for Australia

  • Australia 4 wheel drive and touring maps
    DVD no longer

  • Hema Maps are well known for their extensive range of outback maps dedicated to 4WD adventure. Hema have fielded checked and recorded over 200,000km of outback roads and tracks, making these the most accurate outback maps available. They also include essential travel notes, features and places of interest that you may like to explore.

    This 2017 set of 111 Hema maps, including the Great Desert Track series, have been made available for download as one complete set.

    iPhone/iPad app

    You can load the maps to two PC's and two Mobile Devices that you own. All Memory-Map software is FREE so no additional software purchase is necessary. See here for full details


Hema Sample Map 

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Hema Key Map


Please Note

This map set is a 2GB download. Please ensure you are connected to an efficient broadband service and that you have enough storage capacity before starting the download. Connecting to a power supply is also recommended.

Allow approximately 50 minutes to download.

How to Download and Buy

For most things you buy online, you pay for the goods before you get them. We prefer to do it the other way round.

Get the maps first - Try them - then Buy them

View this web page on the device you want to install the app and maps on.

1 - Get The App 

Get the PC app - Click here

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2 - Get the Map

There are two ways to Get Maps; in-app or out-app.

In-app - Hema Maps are not available in-app on iPhone/iPad, please use out-app method. For other devices, simply download the maps from within the app as explained in the Tutorial Movie below. 

Out-app - Simply Click/Touch here and follow the links. (Its recommended to download the package from the top line)

Either way, you will be offered a free demo period so you can make sure these are the maps you want to buy and keep. 

Hema Maps are not available for In-app download or purchases on an Apple device from the AppStore .

When you replace or upgrade your hardware, you may migrate licenses from old to new at any time.

Tutorial Movie

Tech Support Terry explains how to select and download maps