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Topo maps of NZ for Garmin® GPS

Topographical maps for your map capable Garmin GPS

  • Topo4GPS topographical maps for Garmin
  • Topo4GPS mapsNeed to load a detailed Topographical map to your Garmin GPS? Topo4GPS comes with the same DVD as in the Topo NZ Standard pack So you can load it to your PC and your Mobile Device PLUS a pre loaded SD Card with Topo maps ready and specially designed for your map capable Garmin GPS.

    The Garmin ready map on the SD card boasts all the mapping detail derived from the LINZ 50k scale topographic data. Features include: huts, 20 metre contours, waterways, lakes, ground cover, fence lines, shelter belts, roads, railways, buildings and much more.

    Searchable features include: place names, roads, accommodation, topographic features, transport terminals, etc. Find nearest: Fuel, food, bank/ATM, hospital, hut, etc. too many to list!


  • what's in the box?

    • Included on the DVD:

    • Memory Map Navigator
      GPS Mapping Software
    • Topo50 1:50,000 scale seamless topographic map of NZ
    • Topo250 1:250,000 scale seamless topographic map of NZ
    • Digital Terrain Model
      At a sharp 30m resolution making highly detailed 3D models on the PC
    • Index of places,
      roads and map features

    • Included on the SD Card:

    • Micro-SD card pre-loaded with map data. Ready for use with most map-capable Garmin handheld GPSs
    • SD card adapter for use in the Colorado™ and similar units
  • New   Zealand Topographical Maps
  • New Zealand 3D World 
  • Garmin range

Mico SD Card and Adapter

SD card preloaded
with Garmin ready
maps included

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Garmin Oregon

Garmin 60Cx

Topo4GPS is suitable for most map-capable handheld Garmin units with the exception of some specialist aviation or marine units and units that cannot accept storage cards.