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Topographic maps of New Zealand.
A set of topo maps for the whole of NZ at 25k and 50k scales.

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NZ Topo Plus

We're fortunate in NZ to have some really good government produced topographic maps. This set includes these Topo50 maps PLUS we've added valuable information to make them even better and more accurate.

Two sets are available; NZ Topo Plus and NZ Topo Hunt.

Both sets include a modified Topo50 map and a High Definition Topo25 map for even more clarity and detail.

The Topo250 map is included free with the free Memory-Map app.

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You can load the maps to two PC's and two Mobile Devices that you own.
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What is Topo Plus?

The Land Information NZ (LINZ) Topo50 maps are a fundamental necessity to anyone exploring NZ countryside or going bush. But they're not without some limitations. The casual outdoor adventurer may be unaware that NOT all tracks, huts and campsites are shown on these government maps. And the tracks that are shown may no longer exist, entrance and exit point may have moved or they might run over private land closed to the public and otherwise be impassable. Experiencing these sort of problems can put a serious downer on a good day out.

What we've done is to add in the Dept of Conservation (DOC) data to provide visual info on the correct position of verified and maintained tracks. So when you see a track marked with a purple dotted line, you can be reasonably sure it does exist, it is where it is shown to be and it is passable. Also included and overlaid on the maps are the DOC managed Huts and Campsites.

PLUS - We've included a High Definition Topo map at 1:25,000 scale. This really gets down to the detail and is an ideal scale for tramping or getting around town.

What is Topo Hunt?

It’s the same as Topo Plus. It includes the same Topo50 and Topo25 maps with the addition of the DOC Hunting Blocks to the Hunting edition of the Topo50 map. Thats the only diference.

The boundary of the hunting blocks is overlaid and displayed on the Topo50 map. This is a significant asset in helping hunters plan and scope out new places to apply for a hunting permit.

When used as a moving map complete with GPS (i.e. on a smartphone), hunters can see their position in relation to the boundary of any given hunting block. This helps hunters avoid the legal complications of straying onto private property or otherwise outside of the licenced block. 


NZ Topo50 Plus map

Topo50 Plus Map

An example of the standard Topo50 map augmented and corrected with DoC track, hut and campsite data.


NZ Topo25 map

NZ Topo25 map

This is the same valley on the 25,000 scale map. Of course we can only see 1/4 of the coverage in this same small window but see how much more detail you can pick out from the otherwise crowded 50,000 scale map. 

One of the things we deliberately left off this map was any hill shading. So it may look a little bland at first glance. This is to keep the file size down to a manageable level. It’s 4 times the size of the 50k map and if it were 4 time the weight, that would be about 16GB. As it is, it weighs in at only 4GB. Hill shading is applied in the 3D view (below) and can be applied as an option in any printed output from the PC app.


NZ Topo25 map in 3D

Topo25 map in 3D

The 3D view of the 25k map (the same valley) is awesome and again, so much more refined than the 50k in 3D (shown below).

Note - 3D view is only available on a Windows PC


Comparing Topo25 with Topo50

Comparing Topo25 with Topo50

As an example of the value of this High Definition Topo25 map, imagine you wanted to find the exact spot where the flag is. Perhaps it marks a geocache, possum trap or bait station. On the 50k map it looks like you are on top of it but it’s still 25m away. On the 25k map, you really can walk right up to it, to within the tolerance of the GPS accuracy at least (+/-5m).


NZ Topo25 is also a street map

Topo25 is also street map

At 25,000 scale the streets can be seperated and named. The index that acompanies this map set also includes all NZ street and road names, so you can look anything up and see it on screen.


NZ Topo50 Hunt map

Topo50 Hunt map

We moved a short distance to find this example of the Hunting block boundary. This shows the boundaries of the DOC hunting blocks but they are too big to show as a whole in this little window. The yellow side of the line is inside the block.


NZ Topo50 Hunt map in 3D

Topo50 Hunt map in 3D

In this 3D view of the Topo50 Hunt map you can see the difficulty Hunters have in knowing where the hunting block boundaries are in real life. In this example you can see that the boundary follows no natural feature of fence line. Nevertheless, it’s the Hunters responsibility to know which side of the line he is permited to pull the trigger. 

Note - 3D view is only available on a Windows PC


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