Waterproof paper



Memory-Map range some hard to find accessories to compliment the software products.

  • ToughPrint Waterproof Paper
  • 100% Waterproof Paper

    Ideal for printing maps, signs and documents for outdoor use in any weather. With its special coating Toughprint™ paper absorbs ink from your printer but not water. Run it under a tap, drop it in a river, spill your coffee on it, wipe it off and the print will remain unaffected! 

    No need to laminate those personalised maps any more - with Toughprint™ you have all the durability and waterproofness you need right from the start

    The paper is ideal for printing maps for outdoor use as it is waterproof, resists crumples and tears and any moisture or dirt can be wiped clean. The micro porous surface delivers vibrant colours and crisp clear high definition photographic prints. Suitable for printing double sided.

Each package contains 10 sheets of paper.

Format: 297mm x 210mm / A4
Pack size:
10 sheets Approx

Be sure to choose the correct type for your printer (one will not work with the other)

Toughprint™ Inkjet Paper for Inkjet printers, suitable for Colour and Black & White inkjet printers/copiers.

Toughprint™ Laser Paper for Laser printers, suitable for Colour and Black & White Laser printers/copiers.