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For questions regarding loading and using maps on the PC.
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For questions not covered by a specific category, relating to using Memory-Map on your PC.
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For questions relating to registering your Memory-Map product and Activating the resources.
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For questions about the installation process.
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Relating to use of the PC application

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  1. question**UK and European users ** Please Visit the Euro Tech Support site.
    Our European products differ significantly from products distributed in other parts of the world. For assistance, please visit European Tech Support.
  2. questionside-by-side configuration is incorrect
    CAUSE This issue is typically caused by a conflict between the program and one or more of the files in the C++ runtime libraries. These libraries are part of the Windows operating system and are used, and potentially updated, by installing or updating several Microsoft or other third party prod ...
  3. questionMemory-Map AIS on the PC
    There are a few tricks to getting the Memory-Map AIS add-on working correctly. The latest version of the Memory-Map PC app, and the AIS add-on may be downloaded from here. You also need to install Memory-Map V5.4.4. This is necessary for operation of the MM-AIS add-on, but you should not be usin ...
  4. questionPC app error - "The ordinal 9 could not be located..."
    If the Memory-Map app crashes with the message "The ordinal 9 could not be located..." this could mean you are using an older version of Memory-Map. Please install the latest version from our web page, If you have installed the latest version ...
  5. questionUsing the auto-routing feature (Optimize Route)
    The app is able to use an on-line service to find the optimum route for driving, cycling or walking between two points, using roads and trail data. This could be used to find the quickest driving route by road to your destination. However, Memory-Map is for off-road use, and the user interface ...
  6. questionTo determine system type for Windows
    To determine system type for Windows On the keyboard, hold down the Windows Key and press the letter R. (both together) In the Run dialog that displays, type in msinfo32 and click OK. In the System Information dialog that displays, on the System Summarypanel, look for the line that says ...