Re-installing or installing to a new PC and Migrating Licences

This article covers the installation of Memory-Map on a new computer or re-installation on an existing computer following a system recovery and/or re-installation of the operating system.

If you've recovered or upgraded your computer and/or re-installed Windows, your PC will have taken on a new Hardware Identity so it looks like a totally different/new PC to the Memory-Map registration system.

You are permitted to install Memory-Map on two PCs that you own. If you have only used one set of activation rights, you will most likely have another available and activating the "new" PC should be straight forward.
  1. Simply load up the software and maps from DVD or downloaded files. (always worth installing the latest software version from the Download page before loading the maps from disk).

  2. In Help > Licence Management, sign into your user account, select and activate the features. (you cannot use the serial number again)

If you don't have sufficient Activation Rights available, then you need to Migrate the Licences from an old, retired or defunct PC to the new one.

  1. Install Memory-Map software and maps to the PC.
    In Help > Licence Management, sign into your user account

  2. Select a feature (like Pro Features) from the list and Activate a Demo Period. (this helps later on)
    When prompted, give the PC a unique name, different from a previous incarnation of the same PC. i.e. Home-PC-2.
    This will register the new PC on the system and make it easy to identify.

  3. Click here and sign into your Memory-Map user account through your browser.
    Click on History. At the bottom of the page you will see all the computers and mobile devices that are registered to your account.

    Take a moment to look at these and decide which one you want to Migrate the licences from and which is the new computer that you want to Migrate to. Click on the name(s) of the machine(s) so you can see what licences are attributed where.

    If you just activated a demo, then you should be able to find that and therefore clearly identify the machine you are using from any others in the list. Note that the server is on USA Eastern time so the Date of the demo you just activated might show as yesterdays date.
  4. Click on the Migrate button and perform the Migration. Keep an eye on the date to help distinguish between machines of the same name.
    Then download and open the Licence File (as prompted) which will automatically install all the licences on your new computer.
Not Working?

If after successful migration you are still being prompted to buy, then take precise note of the title name of the package you are being prompted to buy and compare that with the title name of the package you originally purchased. Your purchased packages are listed in your Memory-Map user account under History > My Packages.

It’s quite common for users to download the current version of maps from the Digital Map Shop some years after the original purchase, only to discover the maps have been updated. A discounted update fee is usually offered which may be as low as $10. This is discoverable by following the Buy prompt in the software. 

Previous map editions are held on file for some time and may be recovered from here. You will of course need to delete the new/old map files from your drive to avoid duplications and continual buy prompts.

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21st of August, 2015

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