The discs I purchased appear to be blank!

This could be a case of the disc simply needing a clean, but am sure you will have already tried this. Otherwise there are two posable reasons for this:

  1. Most Memory-Map mapping products come on DVD discs - which cannot be read in standard CD drives found on older computers. DVD discs hold around 7 times more data than CD's do, so enable the detailed maps to be installed from 1-2 discs rather than 6-13.

    Most computers these days come with a DVD drive, but if you find your computer doesn't have one they can be picked up at places like from around NZ$50.00.

  2. If you're getting a "Cyclic redundancy" error or the disk is failing to initiate, the cause of this type of error usually means there is:

a) a weak sector on the disc,

b) a weak laser trying to read it or one that doesn’t like the brand of disc, 

c) but quite likely a combination of both

To cover all bases what we do in these relatively rare cases is burn off a replacement onto a different brand of disc and ship this to you.

To save time, if you have access to another computer, you may be able to do this yourself.  You simply burn a copy of the disk on a computer that has no problem reading the disk and there is a very good chance that the copy will work in the first computer. (you can copy the disk to a USB drive or similar but you'll need to manually run the "runcd.exe")

Or we can send replacement disks out to you. Please advise: 

    • Which disks you need replacing
    • Your full delivery address
    • Your product serial number

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2nd of March, 2010

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