PC application shuts down or freezes

Memory-Map on the PC is freezing or locking up while connected to a GPS.

This issue appears to be only affecting a small number of users but enough to be more than a few isolated incidents. It came to the fore on 2010 with a bit of a flurry but has since receded to very few reported incidents. We think it was a windows update induced error that has equally mysteriously "fixed itself". We only hear of this now (2013) very occasionally but if you think it is affecting you, this article offers some advise and workarounds to the problem.

How to Fix

As with all com port issues, the first thing to do is install the latest driver. Many USB GPS pucks have the Prolific USB-Seriial chip, and installing the (latest) Prolific driver (from here) is definitly worth a try. If you're not sure about your GPS, best to look up the manufacturers web site and see what driver downloads they offer. Reinstalling drivers resolves most of the issues that have come our way. Remember to install it without the GPS connected and then with the GPS connected, go to Device Manager > Ports and see what port has been allocated. Good instructions are included in the Prolific driver offered above.

If that doesn’t get you resolved, download and install GPS Gate (from here). It’s a small and easy-to-use program that multiplexes the GPS signal and makes it available to more than one application. That’s its purpose, but it seems to clean up the signal being fed to Memory-Map and so provides a workaround to this problem. If you find GPS Gate cannot find the GPS, reinstall the driver to reset the com port.


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16th of November, 2016

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