How to find purchased downloadable maps

Sometimes people have difficulty locating the correct map that they have purchased in the Digital Map Store. This is not surprising, as there are many thousands of maps for sale, some of them are updated on a regular, and the update policies vary from one publisher to another.

For example, the Ordnance Survey maps are available in over 250 editions... if you just select the first OS map you see, it is most unlikely to be the same edition as the one you purchased!

One tip is to check the Map Types for the edition you purchased. On the iOS or Android, tap “Map Types” and look for Topo-2013, or which ever edition you think looks likely. On the Desktop Windows app, enable the checkbox “Show Old Editions”.

However, that does not narrow it down completely to just the map you purchased. What you need to do is, using the web browser on the device on which you want to download the map, go to the license management website:

Sign in to your account, and click HISTORY.

Your purchased maps should be listed under My Packages. (Note: if your maps package does not show up here, are you sure you signed into the correct account? If so, you it means you are using old maps, or third party maps. We recommend you purchase a Navigator license, which includes use of Classic Maps, Imported Maps, and several other important features that you will need).

Click the name of the package to see the details of what is in the package. The package may include several different map resources. After the name of the map, it may have a link called “Get Maps” Click that link to search for that specific map resource in the Digital Map Store catalog.

In the Digital Map Store listing, click the Download button to download the map. If nothing happens, Tap and hold the Download button.

If there is no “Get Maps” link in the package detail, then the resource a special kind that we can’t look up in the Digital Map Store. For example, it might be “Any State” choice of map.

If, when you click “Get Maps”, it open the DMS page but it says “No Maps Found”, that means the edition is no longer in the DMS catalog. However, many of these maps are still available for download elsewhere. You will have to contact the local Memory-Map office where you purchased the map to find the correct download link. Many maps in Australia are available for download in ZIP files.

In some cases, we recommend just purchasing a new edition. In the case of US NOAA charts, we keep old editions in the catalog for up to two years, and they not available after that.

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9th of January, 2017

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