Memory-Map isn't responding

If you are in an area of poor wireless data reception, it is necessary to put your Android device in Airplane mode. Otherwise, when you launch the Memory-Map app, it will freeze and give a message "Memory-Map isn't responding, Do you want to close it"

What happens, if you have wireless data turned on, is that the Android operating system tells the app, "Yes, we are connected to the internet!". Memory-Map then attempts to pre-load some information from the server to make downloading the map faster. Unfortunately this locks up the device for few seconds.

When it asks you "Do you want to close it?" it is important to click "WAIT". After a about 30 seconds the internet access will return with a failure code, and the app will continue working as normal in offline mode. If you click "Close" it will crash the app, which might cause the loss of data. The process is repeated each time you change to a different map. This is a known bug. We are working on a fix for the next update.

If you put the device in Airplane mode, Memory-Map knows immediately that it is not connected, and it works fine without locking up at all. Using airplane mode will save your battery power, so it is a good thing to do anyway. (Note, for your iPhone friends, using Airplane mode on iOS may turn off the GPS, so this advice is only for Android).

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20th of December, 2016

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