Memory-Map Android app

Memory-Map Android app

If you're serious about your outdoor adventures, you'll appreciate this no frills full featured navigation app.

The Memory-Map app turns your android phone or tablet into a powerful outdoor GPS and allows you to navigate with 4WD maps, Topo maps or Marine charts without the need for maintaining a phone signal. 

How it works

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Works with Android v2.2 and later running ARM architecture. That's most current devices but if unsure, please test before making any purchase. (ARM means the design of the microprocessor)

Maps are downloaded on-the-fly straight to the internet connected device or copied from your PC in advance. Once the app and maps are loaded to the device, cellular network coverage or internet connection is not required for real time GPS navigation (assuming your device is GPS enabled).

On initial start up, you will recieve/download a Topo250 map of where you are. Then you can browse The Digital Map Shop (DMS) for more maps. The DMS is the in-app portal to 1000s of maps worldwide. You can either browse the maps directly in the app  (and this is a good way to sample some maps) or if you know what you want, it’s often easier to grab a “Packaged Download” from the DMS web pages and copy all the map files on bulk to the app. See the Digital Map Shop pages for more info on this.

All Memory-Map format maps, including the ones supplied on DVD can be used on your Android device. If you have maps in other formats, it is generally possible to convert them using the PC app for use with the Android app. See using other map formats for info.

Although the Android app is designed to be used as a standalone GPS navigator, best results are achieved when used in conjunction with Memory-Map on your PC (free download) for planning, printing and loading up maps, waypoints and routes to the app.

Features include:

  • Intuitive design
  • Fast scrolling and zooming
  • Access a vast range of worldwide maps and charts.
  • Automatically downloads a free map of your current location
  • Exchange maps and overlay data with free PC software
  • Create and edit marks and routes.
  • Moving map, lock GPS position anywhere on screen
  • Import and export marks, routes and tracks in the open GPX format
  • Display; Position, Course, Speed, Heading, Altitude and averages
  • Follow Route with range and bearing to next waypoint.
  • Rotate screen for landscape or portrate view. 
  • Shows speed and direction of travel, even while walking slowly
  • Support for GPS and Compass sensors.
  • Record breadcrumb trail / tracklogs.
  • Email position marks or tracklogs as GPX files

Want to learn more?

For access to the full and evolving help file click here