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Memory-Map iPhone and iPad app

link to utube movieThe Memory-Map app turns your iPhone/iPad into an outdoor GPS and allows you to navigate with 4WD maps, Topo maps or Marine charts without the need for maintaining a phone signal.

If you're serious about your outdoor adventures, you'll appreciate this no frills full featured navigation app.

The Memory-Map app is available from the AppStore and is intended to be FREE, but we've found too many children and collectors of free stuff hammering our map servers. So we now charge $1 which seems to have put a stop to that. We trust that you will understand this and accept that it's still fee in spirit.

How it works

Map files are copied to the iPhone/iPad from your PC via iTunes in advance. (You don't need the PC app but it helps)

You can also try and buy maps in-app but be warned, buying in-app from Apple, is  more expensive and less flexible than buying out-app. To buy out-app you need to visit the Memory-Map login and create a user account, sign the app into the same account, then back to the web site, into your account and hit the buy button (assuming you are trialling the map you want to buy).

Once the app and maps are loaded to the iPhone or iPad,
cellular network coverage or internet connection is not required for real time GPS navigation.

Please Note

Only a 3G iPhone or iPad has a GPS built in but you can get a remote GPS for about $100 that works with other iOS units including the iPod Touch.

The best example we know of is the XGPS150 as seen here

This can be purchased in Australia from here

When you first download the app, you also get the free 1:250,000 scale topo map which automatically starts downloading at your present position. 

To access more detailed Topo maps and Marine charts, see the Digital Map Shop.

All Memory-Map format maps, including the ones supplied on DVD can be used on your iPhone/iPad. If you have maps in other formats, it is generally possible to convert them using the PC app for use in the iPhone/iPad.

Although the Memory-Map app is designed to be used as a standalone GPS navigator, best results are achieved when used in conjunction with Memory-Map on your PC (free download) for planning, printing and loading up maps, waypoints and routes to the iPhone/iPad.

Features include:

  • Intuitive design
  • Fast scrolling and zooming
  • Access a vast range of worldwide maps and charts.
  • Automatically downloads a free map of your current location
  • Exchange maps and overlay data with free PC software
  • Create and edit marks and routes.
  • Moving map, lock GPS position anywhere on screen
  • Import and export marks, routes and tracks in the open GPX format
  • Display; Position, Course, Speed, Heading, Altitude and averages
  • Follow Route with range and bearing to next waypoint.
  • Auto-rotate screen (can be locked in preferred orientation)
  • Shows speed and direction of travel, even while walking slowly
  • Support for GPS and Compass sensors.
  • Record breadcrumb trail / tracklogs.
  • Email position marks or tracklogs as GPX files

Want to learn more?

For access to the full and evolving help file click here

Want to get your hands on a copy?

Search for Memory-Map in the AppStore on your iPhone/iPad