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Memory-Map Mobile app for WinCE GPS

WinCE GPSA WinCE GPS is typically a dash or wind screen mounted Personal Navigation Device (PND) car navigation system.

Most branded PNDs are set up only to do and run the software they're designed for and you most likely will not be able to get passed the user interface and run a 3rd party app. So this app is not suitable and will not work on a Tom Tom, Navman, Garmin etc. There are however an increasing number of unbranded or OEM manufactured units available on places like ebay which are generally suitable and can be employed as an off road navigator in a 4x4, boat or plane.

WARNING: WinCE is not a standardized operating system. This software was developed and ported to some specific devices on behalf of OEM clients. It is now made freely available on an as-is basis with no guarantee that it will work on any specific device.


Holux Fun Trek 130 - waterproof WinCE GPS

Holux GPS with Memory-MapThe Holux is a good example of a specialized WinCE GPS that works well with this mobile app.

The FunTrek 130 is a multi-function handheld GPS device designed for outdoor recreational use. The 3" full-color touch screen displays over ten different types of essential information including speed, distance, time, altitude and compass. It's shock and water resistance so you can take it outdoors in any weather.

See here for more info on the Holux GPS

How it works

The SD card qualifies as a Mobile Device and works with the standard licence that ships with all map purchases. It's simple, you download the app (from the software downloads page) and copy it to an SD card together with some maps.