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  • What is Memory-Map?

    Desktop PC showing MMap in 3DMemory-Map is a leading brand in recreational mapping software tailored for outdoor pursuits.

    Memory-Map software is included FREE with all branded mapping products. This is the fully featured software that drives everything.

    Used by thousands of outdoor enthusiasts and sailors across the world. Memory-Map boasts award winning software, the largest range of maps and charts and is compatible with a wide range of Mobile Devices and handheld GPSs.

    What can the Memory-Map PC app do?

    Below are some illustrated examples of the most popular features.


  • planning


    The first step in planning any trip is to look at a map or chart.
    Memory-Map publishes a wide range of international maps and charts but you may also use 3rd party* maps or scan in paper maps for use in the software.

    Route planning is as simple as clicking the mouse. Click to put the starting point then click again and you're creating the route with instant distances, compass bearings, and estimated time. It's that easy.

    * requires licence upgrade - click here for details

  • 3D World

    3D World

    3D World is a powerful aide to planning your route. Bring maps to life within a continuous virtual landscape. Pan, zoom and fly through the map or change the lighting/shadows to simulate the effect of the sun at different times of the day. Select your camera angle, height and position, record, play back, print or export your own custom 3D journey.

    All mapping products published by Memory‚ÄźMap include elevation data for 3D World at a resolution appropriate to the type and coverage of mapping.

  • Print Maps

    Print Maps

    Print full colour personalised maps at a scale of your choice up to A3 size. Personalise the map with routes, marks and notes. The added grid and coordinates in the margins allow you to plot and use the printed output in the same way you would a full size map sheet.

    Route Cards

    Create a Route Card and distribute it to your companions with all the necessary information in one document. Route Cards can be printed, emailed or posted on a web site. Route Cards re created in HTML so if you know a bit of HTML code you can tailor it to suit your needs.

  • Programming a GPS

    Programming a GPS

    No more hand-keying in those coordinates. Memory-Map makes route and waypoint programming fast, easy and accurate. With as little as 2 clicks you can send a complicated route or a set of marks to your handheld GPS. When you return from your trip, you can import any marks, tracks, etc., that you created in your GPS, back into Memory-Map and view them on the PC or file them for future references.

    See compatible GPS units

  • Live GPS plotting

    Live GPS plot on a moving map

    Plot Live GPS by connecting any GPS to your Laptop, or use the integrated GPS in a Windows Mobile Smartphone or compatible Personal Navigation Device (PND) and transform it into a fully featured GPS map/chart plotter. See your position in real-time on a high quality moving map/chart that scrolls as you move.

    Memory-Map uses traditional navigational tools and terminology to guide you and help you work the map, including; Track logging, Range and Bearing to or from Positions, Estimated times (ETA), Cross Track Error (XTE), Velocity Made Good (VMG), clearing bearings, alarm zones and much more.

  • Live GPS plotting

    Performance/Trip Review

    With Memory-Map, it's easy to build a history of your trips and even include features for the outdoor athlete.

    Import a track log from a handheld GPS or one created with live GPS and see exactly where you've been, together with your speed and distance covered and profile in a graphical form. Some GPS units record heart rate and pedal cadence, which can also be displayed graphically.

    Create a digital journal by adding pictures, text, sounds or other program files to any point on the map. By linking them to marks, a simple double click opens a photo, sound recording or other file.

    Devices logo

    Mobile Solutions

    Memory-Map Mobile is ideal for on-the-go navigation and includes all the principle navigation features you expect and more. Maps are selected and sent from your PC to the Mobile Device or downloaded on the fly from the Digital Map Shop.

    Memory-Map Mobile for iPhone/iPad is available free from the AppStore. see here for info

    Memory-Map Mobile for Android is a free download from this site and will be available from the Android Market early 2012 see here for info

    Memory-Map Mobile for Windows Mobile is included in the PC software and is fully compatible with PDAs and SmartPhones running the Windows Mobile operating system up to v6.5. Windows Phone 7 is not (yet) supported. Development of this is expected late 2012.

    Memory-Map PC application runs well on Net Books, PC Tablets and other small form factor PCs.