remote tracking


remote tracking

Track your friends, colleagues or assets with this free internet tracking facility


Orbiting GPS satellite

Use of the service requires a wireless internet connection.

Many cellular phone companies offer a data service, such as GPRS, which you can connect to using a laptop or Windows Mobile phone. There are many different hardware configurations, eg:

  • Laptop with wireless WAN PC-Card and GPS
  • Windows Mobile Smartphone with GPS
  • A satellite phone gives an internet connection where no cellular coverage is available.


  • Track any number of mobile devices on specialist maps (topo, marine, etc.)
  • Runs on Windows PC and Windows Mobile touch-screen phones.
  • Each party can see the position of all other parties in the group, overlaid on a topo map, marine chart, street map, etc.
  • User defined interval for position reporting / update, with automatic dial-out and hang-up.
  • Optional browser-based map view. Anybody who has your Account ID and Password can track the group on an online map.
  • Works via cellular network, satellite phone, WiFi, or any other kind of internet connection. For example, you can use a cellular network (WAN) card in a laptop, or a Windows Mobile phone.
  • Efficient use of network bandwidth, scalable to hundreds of parties in a group.
  • Free tracking service for licensed Memory-Map Professional users. (You are charged for internet access by your ISP or cellular network provider).


  • The application runs on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista, and on Windows Mobile 2003 or later.
  • An internet connection is required. Anything that can provide access for browsing the web will work. It can be a dial-up connection or an always-on service such as GPRS. Talk to your cellular service provider about setting up a data connection for your laptop or mobile device.
  • If using a cellular network, make sure you have coverage in the area you want to use the product.
  • Each party to be tracked must have a Memory-Map Professional license activated on their software. A demo period is available so you can try before you buy.
  • GPS hardware. Mobile parties must have a GPS connected and working with the installed Memory-Map Professional software.

Getting started


Before you start tracking, you need an installed copy of the Memory-Map mapping software, with maps coving your area of interest, and a registered Professional level license. If you are going to use a Windows Mobile device, install the mapping software and maps on your PDA, and get it set up and working with your GPS.

Also, set up your mobile internet connection. If you can browse the web and visit regular web sites (using http), then it will work for the tracking application.

If you do not yet have mobile internet access, you can experiment with the software using the GPS Simulator on a fixed PC.

Installation and set-up

Next, download and install the MMTrack application. Click Programs / Memory-Map Tracking to start the tracking application. This will also launch the main Memory-Map mapping application, if it is not already running.

Setting up your own private tracking group is a simple two-step process:

  1. Click "Setup New Account", and enter the name of the account, and the password.
  2. On each PC or PDA, click "Join Account". Enter
    • The "User/Party Name" which is displayed on the other party's maps to identify you
    • The account name and password you wish to join.

Using the Open account

If you want to test the system, without setting up multiple other devices, you can join the Open account. This has several parties running a simulated position, as well as any other users around the world who are testing the system. Just click "Join" and use the Account name "Open", with no password.

Sending your position

Set up your GPS, so you have your position shown in Memory-Map Professional. Switch back to MMTrack, and click "Send Now". This will send your position, and retrieve the position of other parties in a single step. The Status area shows the time of the last send, whether or not your position was sent, and the number of other parties that were received.

Click "View Map", and Memory-Map Professional will be shown, and the map view will change to show an overview of all the received positions.

If you don't have a GPS connected (eg at a base computer at home or in the office) then no position is sent, but you will still get the position of other parties.