Memory-Map Pocket Navigator

The Windows Mobile mapping app

Memory-Map Pocket Navigator for Windows Mobile


This mobile app for Pocket PC (Windows Mobile 2003 through 6.5) is included with the PC app; Memory-Map Navigator

Please note: Windows Phone 7 is not supported (yet) see below.

Windows Mobile mapping app

Pocket Navigator has been around for over 12 years and has been evolving for all that time. As a result, it is probably THE most comprehensive and feature rich Mobile navigation app, the like of which we may not see again. 

So if you have one of these, what we used to call PDAs and soon to be relics, hiding in the bottom drawer, why not dust it off and employ it as your outdoor GPS?

The PDA GPS - Lamenting a modern classic

Before you write off your old PDA as worthless junk, it's worth considering that the old style resistive touch screen afforded a level of accuracy and pixel precision that the modern capacitive touch screens have lost. Another loss and often overlooked aspect of the new mirror like glass screens is the ability to see and read in bright direct sunlight. Some of the old transflective touch screenshad this nailed and were truly sunlight readable. Perhaps in the near future there is a hybrid in store for us that combines the best of both.

Memory-Map Pocket Navigator boasts many of the same features as the PC app with the exception of 3D and works in the same way with a tap-and-hold in place of a right click - refer to the PC app for features. The program is installed to the device and maps are copied to it from the PC app via Active Sync or Mobile Device manager. It then works independently, without the need for an internet connection or cell signal, as a handheld GPS with moving map display. Many of the later models included a decent GPS chip built in but earlier ones, without a GPS work well with a Bluetooth GPS. If yours has neither a GPS or Bluetooth, then probably best to let it go.

Memory-Map Windows Phone7 app

This app is not yet available but is on the to do list. 

Windows Phone 7 is a significant departure from the WinMobile platform and requires a comprehensive code re-write. As soon as we have the Android app bedded down we'll be getting on to this. Anticipated due date is late 2012

If you'd like to be notified as soon as it is released or offer your services for beta testing, please send a short email to WinPhone@memory-map.com