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Holux FT130 Handheld GPS

The Pro name in GPS.

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A great GPS at a fantastic Price

No other handheld GPS offers you the detailed topo maps and/or marine charts together with rugged reliabilty and value as the Holux GPS with Memory-Map Mobile app.


FunTrek 130

Memory-Map is pleased to partner with Holux in bringing you the ultimate handheld GPS.

Holux FT-130 GPS with NZ Topo Map

The FunTrek 130 is a multi-function handheld GPS device designed for outdoor recreational use. The 3" full-colour touch screen displays over ten different types of essential information including speed, distance, time, altitude and compass. It's shock and water resistance so you can take it outdoors in any weather.

That's all good, but most of all we like this little green beauty because:-

  • It has a fast, strong GPS, as good as the best we've ever tested.
  • The sunlight viewable screens really works, even in full sunshine.
  • It runs our tried and tested Mobile app which means it works with the full range of Memory-Map charts and maps.

How it works

It's what we call a stand alone product. This means it works as a GPS in it's own right with it's own set of features as detailed below. We've prepared it with the Memory-Map mobile app so all you need to do is load an SD card with suitable maps.

  • Unbundled - If you already have Memory-Map, then you can load the maps/charts to an SD card for use in this powerful handheld GPS. Or you can add more maps from the Digital Map Shop at any time.

  • Bundled - Choose one of the DVD titles detailed below and get it at a special bundled price when you purchase the Holux FT130 from the Aus or NZ web shop. Then with the maps/charts loaded to your PC, you can load an SD card for use in the Holux.

  • Click here to see how the Memory-Map Mobile GPS app works.

  • Click here to see the instructions for loading an SD card with maps for use in the Holux GPS

Choose one of these map titles to go with your GPS purchase

Please Note
Topo NSW Topo Victoria Topo Tas Topo QLD Topo NZ These GPS products ship from NZ. As such NO GST
QuickCharts NZ QuickCharts Aus

  is charged on orders 
shipping to Australia.
  • Holux 130 - Unbundled price in AUS ex GST
  • Au $210.00
  • where to buy
  • Holux 130 - Bundled price in AUS ex GST
  • Au $350.00
  • where to buy
  • Holux 130 - Unbundled - price in NZ inc GST
  • NZ $301.88
  • where to buy
  • Holux 130 - Bundled - price in NZ inc GST
  • NZ $402.50
  • where to buy 

Marine Charts on FT130  NZ Topo map on FT130  Compass Trip Computer 2


Product FeaturesFunTrek 130

  • High Sensitivity GPS Chip
  • 3" Transflective LCD screen with resistive touch control.
  • Weighs only 124g
  • 2GB of internal memory
  • Support's Micro SD memory cards of up to 32GB
  • Removable 1050mAh lithium-ion battery.
  • Up to 12 hours of operational time on one charge
  • IPX6 water resistance - Water projected in powerful jets from any direction shall have no harmful effects.
  • 3D electronic compass
  • High precision barometer
  • Multiple functions (alarm, stopwatch, calculator, calendar, health information, emergency first aid information etc.)
  • Includes a strong handlebar mounting bracket that is also fits the RAM-Mount system.

About Holux

Based in Taiwan, Holux have been producing specialist GPS solutions for industry and consumer brands for many years. Memory-Map have been using and recommending Holux GPSs for use with our PC and Mobile Software for over 10 years.

It's quite simple, we like the design and proven reliability of their products. So when they announced the FunTrek 130 we were excited to have the opportunity to work with them and port our Mobile application to this device.

Want to know more about Holux and the FunTrek 130? We suggest you have a look on their web site www.Holux.com or Google "fun trek 130" and see what others are saying around the world.