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Frequently Asked Questions :: M-Map on your iPhone/iPad

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  1. questioniPhone/iPad app instructions
    For access to the full and evolving iOS app help file click here - click here
  2. questioniOS upgrade and Migrating your licences.
    When you change the Operating System on the iPhone or iPad the identity of the device changes and it looks to the Memory-Map Licence Management System like a new device. This is due to the way that Apple installs a complete new operating system rather than just a revision to an existing operati ...
  3. questionCopying maps to an iPhone / iPad from a PC
    This article covers the transfer of maps from your PC to your iPhone / iPad using iTunes. First, search for and install the Memory-Map app from the AppStore and sign it into your user account. If you havent got a user account, then you can create one here. To send the maps to the iPhone / iPad, ...
  4. questionDownloading and installing Packaged Maps from zip files
    This article explains the procedure for downloading and installing maps from zipped files. Note: This facility is only available in some global territories (such as Aus/NZ) and is provided by the web site catering for that region. THIS PROCESS NEEDS TO BE CARRIED OUT USING A PC OR MAC, NOT AN i ...
  5. questionCustomizable data screen options.
    This topic covers descriptions of various options allowed on the customizable data screen used in the Android and iOS apps. FROM THE GOTO CATEGORY Waypoint name - Displays the name given to the active waypoint. Turn after mark - Displays the bearing to the next mark after the curr ...
  6. questioniPhone / iPad - transferring marks, routes and tracks
    In Memory-Map on the PC, right-click on the category in the Overlay Objects window and select SAVE AS. Next to "Save As Type", select "GPS eXchange (*.gpx)". Select a folder where you can find the file, such as Desktop Give the file a name, and Save Connect your iPad/iPhone to the PC Run iTun ...
  7. questionGetting a GPS fix on the iPhone/iPad.
    This article answers some common GPS questions for the iPhone / iPad. There are several ways to determine if you have a valid GPS fix. One is to check the crosshairs icon on the toolbar. If this icon is dark, there is no valid fix. If the crosshairs are bright (like the surrounding icons), cl ...
  8. questionTransfer maps from an old iPhone to a new iPhone.
    This article deals with moving maps from your old iPhone to a new iPhone. If you have a new iPhone and wish to move your downloaded Digital Map Shop maps from the old iPhone to the new one, follow the steps below: 1) Install the Memory-Map app on your new iPhone and then run the app. 2) Sign int ...