Copying maps to an iPhone / iPad from a PC

This article covers the transfer of maps from your PC to your iPhone / iPad using iTunes. 

First, search for and install the Memory-Map app from the AppStore and sign it into your user account. If you havent got a user account, then you can create one here.

To send the maps to the iPhone / iPad, you can use the file sharing option in iTunes. To do this:

1-With your iPhone / iPad connected to the PC, start the iTunes program on the PC.

2- Select the device (on the left).


3- On the right (at the top) you will see a set of tabs.


4- Select the App tab.

5- Scroll down and you should see a panel for file sharing.


6- Select the Memory-Map app and you will see a list of documents on the iPhone / iPad related to the app.

7- Find the maps on your PC (typically in the C:\Maps folder), then drag and drop the map files into the file list.

Note - Depending on the map version, the map will be either a single QCT file or a QCT / QC3 pair (with identical names). If paired, you need to copy both files over. Other files of the same name may be index (mmi) files or elevation data (qed) files. The mmi file can be used in the iOS app but elevation is not (yet) supported. (see here for info on making file extensions visible)

7- You should see the progress of the files being copied to the device at the top of the iTunes frame.

8- If you do not see the new maps listed, select MAP TYPES and SHOW ALL to ensure all maps are being listed or select MORE MAPS > ALL MAPS ON DEVICE.

9- Having selected the map, you will most likely be required to activate it on that device. Make sure you have signed the app into your existing account. If you do not have a user account or have used up all your activations, sign in here to manage your account or buy new licences.


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