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High quality Raster maps, by their nature, are large files so the apps are optimised and set not to chew through your data plan, by default. Here we look at the options of how to download large areas of map when connected to a cheaper/faster broadband service.

Some of the maps are downloaded in full the first time you select them (sheet maps). Larger maps automatically download data on-the-fly as you scroll around the map (seamless maps). For the later, if you are planning a trip it is advisable to download the detailed coverage you need in advance. There are a number of ways you can do this:

Make sure the device is plugged into power. Obviously running a battery flat mid download would terminate the download but many devices go to sleep at some point and that amounts to the same thing. In most devices, being plugged in, prevents it going to sleep.

Also, using another app or taking a call or txt, while downloading a map puts the Memory-Map app into the background, which can have the same effect. But most devices allow apps to run in the background ONLY IF they are plugged into a power source (or playing music).

In the mobile apps:  

1-Downloading a focused area: (currently only available in the iOS app)

Using a basemap or small scale map, pan to a region you are interested in and zoom in to focus on the region.

You do not need to have the map you want to download on screen.
What you do need is the the region you want to download on screen. 

Open the map list and select the blue icon shown next to the title of the map you want to download/activate

This opens the map detail page with a Bulk Download button, touch that.

Now you can select the size of map to download using the E/W and N/S slide bars

The area of download is focused on the centre of the region you had on the map screen and will add to any adjacent part of the map you have already downloaded.

2-Along a planned route:

Plan the route you are going to travel on a base map. Include any side trips or escape routes. 

Open the detailed map you want to download/activate.

Tap on a waypoint, Edit Route, or tap on a route in the overlay list.

Tap "Download Map"

Select "Along Route", and choose how wide the area of map you want surrounding your route.

Tap Start

3-Downloading a custom area:

Create a route that encloses the area of map you want (on any map).

Place the last waypoint close to the first one. It does not need to be exact, as the polygon is automatically closed.

On iOS -  Tap Maps, More Maps, All Maps on Device. Tap the map you want to download. Then tap the routes button on the flip side screen, Tap the route (which can be named "All NSW", or whatever). Tap Download, Tap Enclosed. Tap Start.

On Android - Open the detailed map you want to download/activate. (nearest a section of the route). Tap on a waypoint, Edit Route, or tap on a route in the overlay list. Tap "Download Map" Select "Enclosed" Tap Start

4-Downloading a Whole Map:

This is exactly the same as downloading a custom area explained above. You simply need to enclose the whole map. You might not know exactly where the edges of the map are. Doesn't matter, take an educated guess and be generous. There is no penalty for selecting an area bigger then the map as it only downloads the map and no more. The only thing you do need to be careful with is placing at least one waypoint from your enclosed route near the map you are downloading. You need to have both that map on screen and that waypoint so you can select the download. 

In the PC app:

The PC app is better able to download the larger seamless maps.
The thing to note is:
You do not need to have the map you want to download on screen.
What you do need is the area you want to download framed either on screen or within an enclosed route.

Framed on Screen - Best to select a small scale map or basemap on screen, zoom and pan so that it covers the desired territory. Then click on the DMS button and  call off the map you want from the DMS map list and let it download the chunks that you don't have. It won't duplicate the download, it just continues filling in content.

Enclosed Route Another way is to draw a route around the area that you want to download, enclosing the route so the last waypoint is placed on the first. Again it doesn't have to be on the map you want, its all about the area. Then right click on the route and select select Digital Map Store. This will show you a list of maps only within the enclosed route. Selecting a map from the list will download all or part of the map framed by the route.

The Whole Map - This is achieved by enclosing the area the map covers with a route as explained above. But there is a function that will enclose the map with a route for you with only a few clicks:
  • Open the map you wish to download on screen (it may be partially downloaded already).
  • Select:  Map > Map Properties > Route from boundary
  • Right click on the route and select the Digital Map Store.
  • Select the map to download from the list and let it run. 
Then when you have all you need cached on the PC you can copy the files to the mobile device.

Additional info:

See here for notes on copying maps to an iPhone/iPad

See here for copying maps to an Android device 


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