iOS upgrade and Migrating your licences.

When you change the Operating System on the iPhone or iPad the identity of the device changes and it looks to the Memory-Map Licence Management System like a new device. This is due to the way that Apple installs a complete new operating system rather than just a revision to an existing operating system eg 6.0 to 6.1
Therefore you will most likely need to Migrate the licences from the previous device (incarnation of) to the new. Here is how you do that:
Migrating licenses is the term used in the Memory-Map account when you want to move your licenses from one device to another. However, under iOS there is no longer any way for an app to uniquly identify the device hardware. Under some circustances, multiple devices can have the same hardware ID, and under other circumstances an app may appear to be running on a new device with a different hardware ID. Don't worry! It is easy to recover your licenses if this happens.

If you purchased maps using the In-App purchase mechanism, these purchases are automatically recovered when you sign in to your itunes account and are available on all you iOS devices. However they do not show up in your Memory-Map account and cannot be used on PC or Android. The procedure below does not apply to in-app purchases.

If you upgrade the app, or if you upgrade iOS from any recent version to a newer version, there should not be any problem with loss of your licenses. The directions below apply if you are updating a device from iOS6 or earlier.

If you uninstall and reinstall the app, your licenses are preserved, unless the version you uninstalled was before version 1.2 of the app. If you are reinstalling and old version, you need to use the migration procedure below.

If you enable the encrypted icloud backup option on your device, and restore a new device from your backup, your Memory-Map licenses are automatically available on your new device. However, if you install the app on a new device without using the icloud backup, or if your backup is not encrypted, then you do need to migrate your license.

Another issue to consider is whether you trying to access the correct edition of your maps. While new editions may require purchase of a new license, many old editions are still available for download if you select the correct map type.

How to Migrate licenses to a new iOS device

1.) Open the Memory-Map app on your (new) device and press Flip Screen (Arrow) > Settings (Cogs) > Map Licenses > Sign In and sign into your account.
Important: Do Not Activate Any Resources At This Point Even If Prompted.
Close the Memory-Map app by pressing the iPhone or iPad home button.

2.) Now to migrate your licences go to and sign into your account (PC/Mac or iPad recommended due to larger screen size)

We've put a short cut in here that prompts you to Migrate to a newly registered device as soon as you've signed in. Otherwise, see below for a more detailed info.

3.) Press the History button and scroll to the My Activations area bottom of the page.
Make a note of your existing iPhone or iPad name and check that a new device has been added – this is likely to the default name Anon and will be listed with today’s date against the name.

TIP: To make it easier to Migrate your licences we recommend that you rename your devices to something more meaningful (by clicking the Device name and then the change name link) for example you could use “iPhone iOS6” and “iPhone iOS7” as shown in our example below.
device name change(1).png
4.) Now press the Migrate License button. Use the drop down menus to select your old iOS6  iPhone or iPad as the ‘old’ device and your new iOS7 version as the ‘new’ device. Then press Migrate Licenses and Confirm Migration when prompted.

migrate licences.png
5.) Finally open the Memory-Map app again on your iPhone or iPad and press Flip Screen (Arrow) > Settings (Cogs) > Map Licenses > Sign In and sign into your account. The Memory-Map app will now automatically download your licence file for any maps or charts previously licensed. 

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